I’m totally obsessed with Downton Abbey. It took me awhile to actually start watching it, but I was hooked from the first episode. It helps that Thomas (Rob James-Collier) is so devilishly hot.

I’m also obsessed with Carlos Nunez‘s photography. He really works the whole angel/whore vibe, and his photos manage to be sexy without being cookie-cutter pornographic.

I went to Comikaze last weekend. It was my first time there, and although there’s definitely room for improvement (I don’t think they anticipated the number of people who showed up), I had a good time. L.A. cosplayers set the bar pretty damn high.

Here are some articles to waste your time with:

UnWinona shared a story on Tumblr about being harassed by men on public transport.

♠ What do you think of this dad who wears a dress in support of his skirt-loving son?

A river ran red in China, and no one is sure why.

♠ If you’re not already reading Frodo Booth every Friday, then you should jump on that. They basically round up all the funniest pictures from Reddit each week and curate them in one long, hilarious post. Seriously the highlight of my Friday lunch break.

♠ A multimillionaire named Bruce McMahon allegedly married his own daughter. The Village Voice reported on it. Now, he’s trying to haul them into court over it. Super classy!

This made me laugh so hard I felt sick. “Dude, you slapped a fish.” If all of Twilight had been like this, I would have watched it over and over.

This band is pretty neat. I really dig the video.

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