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Taking a cue from this collaborative post about Roland Barthes’s J’aime, Je n’aime pas

Olga Kruglova

I like: warm croissants, good fountain pens, snails, cats, octopuses, the idea of spontaneity, driving too fast, Apothic Red, handwritten letters, the smell of leather, jasmine, chai, using candles to light my house, drumbeats, Yosemite in December, cheese, nectarines, rosaries, ghost stories, the bustle of Queen Vic Market, sweet cigars, desert sunsets, pineapple, paper cranes, and touching down at LAX.

I don’t like: parties with loud music, yellow squash, Monet, the reality of spontaneity, shellfish, hospitals, the parents of misbehaving children, carnations, chihuahuas, social conservatism, micromanagement, the ‘check engine’ light, snow, bruised bananas, and the feeling of wooden popsicle sticks on my tongue.

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