Simulacrum MediumSimulacrum
Circlet Press, 2012.

In the virtual world of Simulnet, no one knows who you really are, making it the perfect playground for the imagination. And for a serial killer.

Shaun’s world changes when a homicide detective asks for his help in finding a murderer who’s lurking somewhere in the sex clubs, ramen shops, and massage parlors of Simulnet. He’s partnered with Lore, a prickly and enigmatic programmer who comes with his own set of riddles. As their search for the killer continues, Shaun finds himself wanting to know more about his partner, but ultimately, the most important questions he’ll need to answer are the ones he must ask himself.

Combining romance, mystery, and cyberpunk, Rian Darcy creates a world for the reader every bit as engrossing and heart-stopping as Simulnet itself. Simulacrum is the latest book in the Clasp Editions imprint of sci-fi romances from Circlet Press.

Here’s what people are saying:

“What makes Simulacrum so interesting is its mix of the classic 30s and 40s detective pulp fiction and science fiction.”

“No one is what they seem.”

“The first thing that struck me after finishing this book is that I’d completely forgotten that it is erotica.”

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Short Stories

Spellbinding Medium“Chimera”
Spellbinding: Tales from the Magic University. Ed. Cecilia Tan.
Ravenous Romance, 2011.

Anthology synopsis:
The short stories in this anthology all take place in the erotic romance world of Veritas, the secret magical college inside Harvard that is home to Cecilia Tan’s Magic University series.

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